Will we ever have world peace?

Wars have always existed in human history.

In the time when I was born and growing up, there were only ideological conflicts, no major wars. However, studying history and watching civil wars and conflicts in other countries, I realized that the world is always under the threat of war. Therefore, I have always dreamed of a peaceful world . I have always thought that hating people who start wars and protesting against war is not enough to make the world peaceful.

The underlying issue seemed to be a mystery to me. But one day, my meditation teacher said,

Everything becomes one when people’s mind become the true mind. The world will become united as one. Religions, philosophies, ideologies, and academics will all become one. Countries will also unite as one. There will be no more conflicts or wars. Instead, there will be only peace. “

His words meant a lot to me. So I meditated hard to understand this and accomplish it. So what meditation taught me was that the human mind itself is a self-centered mind, so it is constantly living in war. We don't even understand the mind of the ones we love. It is due to the narrow perception of our mind. There is war within a seemingly peaceful country, and there is war at the workplace, in family members, and in our mind, good and evil are always battling. The human mind and war are like soulmates that cannot be separated.

As long as humans do not break free from their selfish mind, war will continue to exist forever. While there is 'I', there is 'You' and if there is 'my country', then there is always 'your country'. Therefore, we will always live in war so long as we continue to believe that "I am right and you are wrong”. However, if ‘I’ abandon ‘myself’, the war within me will disappear, and there will be no longer conflict in my life. Since my self-centered mind causes conflicts, whatever I see and experience through that lens will inevitably be filled with pain.

As a result, when I meditated in a way that allowed me to let go of my egocentric mind, the constant battles in my mind disappeared. I could feel the enemies within me disappear, and the hatred also disappear. So I realized that the world can be changed only by gaining peace from me. Everything that happens in the world is a result of the actions of the individual people that live there. Therefore, all problems must be solved at the individual level. The reason there is no peace in the world is because there is no peace in the mind of the people in the world. In our mind, there is only hatred for each other. There are people on this planet who are planting the seeds of hatred by making wars even now. The seed will grow and cause another war later.

Rather than blaming others, we should look back into our mind and get rid of the hatred and conflict that lurk there. Ultimately, I believe that the world will be changed when one awakened person becomes two, and then two becomes four, and so on. To find peace in the world, we must all wake up. You have to let go a lot of selfishness and your ego in your mind and work hard until you are one with others.

So, I am also trying to make action. I aim to share the peace I've gained through meditation with others through writing, meeting people, and teaching meditation. It is my belief that even small steps can ultimately lead to world peace. And I believe that eventually the world will be at peace. We have to do it together.

Written by Mago Kim