What is the best thing you have ever done to achieve inner peace?

One of the main reasons that make us not have inner peace is our mind of obsessions. As long as we are obsessed with something, we'd never have unshakable peace within us.

For example, People who have a lot of attachment to their bodies have a lot of mind of the body. People who live and die in love have a lot of obsessive minds about love.

Unfortunately, the more you are obsessed with it, the more you wish and the harder it is to be satisfied with it. Because this mind already has been stored within one’s mind. This mind of obsession is the main reason that ruins one's body and mind.

So what I did to achieve inner peace within is ‘Discarding the mind of obsession.

As you know, even if we force ourselves to stop the desire of obsessions, we couldn’t stop. But once you discard the cause of obsession from your mind, you can be free from it. When we are free from the obsessive mind we can truly achieve inner peace.

When I let go of the chronic obsessive thought pattern that I accumulated from my lived life, I became so comfortable. While discarding, I also realized ‘Ah, this mind that I had did actually not exist in the world, and also it's the mind that no one has.’ But when my mind was dominated by it, I couldn’t admit that it is a false mind. Because it was so painful.

But as I emptied my mind, my attachment gradually disappeared. My anxiety about not possessing it also disappeared. Also, I could clearly understand it is just a false mind. I could find calmness and peace within. Without attachments, it was easier for me to achieve things I could not before.

Many people wanted to find out the way how to let go of the mind to free from the mind, now there is a method and solution. Now anyone can be free from the cause of stress and can live as our original mind with wisdom. For people who want to achieve unshakable peace within themselves by getting rid of their obsessive minds, refer to the video below.🌱

Written by Ellen Park