What are the ways to end loneliness?

People often think that being alone makes them feel lonely.

I’d like to share what I have learned from being alone.

1. I learned about myself by focusing on myself.

I was easily influenced by other people's energy.

When I met and spent time with people, I didn't recognize my own unique side because our energies were mixed.

As red meets yellow, it becomes orange, and as blue meets white, it becomes sky blue. While I wasn't aware of who I truly am, the colors clashed and left me confused. However, living alone helped me discover my own unique color. Knowing my own unique color allows me to mix it freely with other colors.

2. I was the only one who could admit me, not anyone else.

We all have one or two traumas. I turned to something else because I was afraid to face it. Things like listening to music, traveling, meeting people, and eating delicious things. Thus, those deep minds try to come out, but they are suppressed deeply again. However, I let them come up in my own place without holding them back.

I was able to throw away the things that were exposed to the surface through meditation. The reason I wanted people to understand me and acknowledge me was because I didn't acknowledge me. I'm free now because I don't expect people to acknowledge me.

3. I'm free from loneliness.

Everyone fears loneliness. I had a fear of being alone, too. However, while fully immersed in that loneliness, I let go of loneliness from my mind. I realized that what I thought of as loneliness was not real. When I actually jumped into the situation that I was afraid of, I realized that it was just a fake.

4. I came to realize how valuable people are.

I was able to feel the true value of a person that I didn't know when I was around people all the time. After being alone in the house for a few days and going outside, I'm able to sense the unique energy people have. It's touching in itself. The energy that each of us has is like life and can be the power to change the world when we truly share and unite it.

All of this was possible through meditation while living alone.

It is more important to have your own space the more you are vulnerable and influenced by others.

Be open-minded and embrace what you think is bad or what you wish to avoid. You won't be afraid of it anymore, it'll wrap you around with love. Meditation makes the process easier and clearer. Below is a video that I hope will help you.

Written by Clair Lee