What are some of the best life tips?

As a 47-year-old housewife, I write because I want to share my experiences with those who read this. Of all the things I’ve tried to live a good life, I’m going to tell you about one that worked the most and produced the best results.

That’s meditation. These days, a lot of people are interested in meditation, and I think a lot of people do meditation. That’s why there are so many types of meditation. Breathing meditation, object meditation, walking meditation, etc… I am meditating to throw away my mind. In the end, what we want to achieve through meditation is to get rid of negative thoughts in our minds or stress that have a bad effect on our health. So, I have been doing meditation every day for 6 years to get rid of my negative mind and the stress that builds up unknowingly in my life.

Have any negative thoughts gone away after you started meditating? The useless thoughts are gone. If I had a habit, I had an obsessive-compulsive imagining that someone questioned my thoughts and actions. For example, when I was a college student, if I was drinking and hanging out with my friends until late at night, I could imagine my parents worrying about why I was so late, and me making excuses to them. If I am going to buy expensive things that are of no use to me, I am imagining explaining them to my husband. After all, I was asking and I was answering. But it didn’t end there, I felt displeased with the person who asked me in my imagination, and I was always angry. These thoughts ran through my mind all day with my eyes open. Because of this habit, I get tired easily and I have sensitive nerves. I got angry all of a sudden while talking with the other person, and I couldn’t understand the meaning of the other person’s words.

Then I started meditating, and I looked back on myself. I always thought I was making the right decisions. But as I looked back at myself objectively through meditation and threw away countless thoughts in my head, I realized that my parents, husband, and even me, who appeared on the stage in my head, were all fake.

The moment I face myself screaming that I’m always right, don’t criticize me, that I don’t want to hear bad things. And I discarded myself and people who are fake without any regrets.

Right now, I don’t really think about anything unless I have to think about something and make a decision. Meditation throws away all my thoughts, and my mind and body become healthy and full of vitality. Because I do my best to live, I am proud of myself and proud of my family. I have a lot of energy and there are so many things I can do. I’m happy.

Written by Donna Seo